Sanford Supports Amended Healthcare Bill

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Representative Mark Sanford (R-SC) released the following statement on the amended American Health Care Act:

“I think it’s important to recognize both what this bill does and what it doesn’t do. It does move us toward a more competitive, individual insurance marketplace. It doesn’t repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). My acceptance of the amended bill ultimately reflects my belief that this is the most in the way of change that can pass through the House right now, in spite of the political posturing indicating otherwise.

“In making this decision, I have tried to incorporate the many conversations I’ve had in-person, by phone, or in the eight town hall settings that I have hosted over the last few months. There is nothing more real and personal or vital than one’s healthcare. This has been made clear to me over these visits, and I believe we need to make sure that any change will make the individual insurance marketplace more affordable and viable over the long run, while safety net provisions remain an integral part of our social fabric.

“This latest version of the bill also shows how far we have come from where we started when we were told by Speaker Ryan it was a binary choice, take it or leave it. Indeed, because a number of us were able to slow the process, several changes have been made that I believe improve upon the bill originally offered.

“A few examples of what I’m talking about here would include the repeal of ACA taxes a year earlier than originally scheduled. Work requirements for able-bodied Medicaid recipients so that more of the money can ultimately be channeled to those with the greatest needs. State waivers on essential health benefits and community ratings so that the insurance component of the Affordable Care Act can act as insurance, which is vital to driving down premiums. The inclusion of $15 billion for a federally-based risk pool that would augment the money already in the plan for state-based risk pools.

“I am hopeful that a few more tweaks to the bill will be added, including an amendment to require all healthcare rules and provisions apply to the public and Congress equally. It seems only fair that Congress should live with the decisions it makes for the rest of the country.”