Cyberattacks: 59% of People Say Laptops are the Most Vulnerable Devices

Staff Report

Friday, October 13th, 2017

Following a first survey from December 2016, ReportLinker conducted a new research on cybersecurity to find out if opinions and attitudes towards this threat have shifted since last year.

Key findings of the survey show that:

59% of people say laptops are the most vulnerable devices

● Followed by smartphones (25%) and smart devices (9%)

Do you feel safe ?

● 54% of Americans say they feel their data is safe from hackers

● Even though 82% agree cyber-attacks are more of a threat now than they were five years ago

● As a result, 78% of people admit using encryption or privacy tools on their connected devices

Who is the target ?

● The first target mentioned are the individuals (47%), followed by the corporate world (35%).

● Last year, 36% of people believed hackers mostly target the government, today only 17% believe so.

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