Ingevity Publishes Inaugural Sustainability Report

Staff Report From Charleston CEO

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

Ingevity Corporation announced the release of its inaugural sustainability report, as a demonstration of the company’s commitment to operating as a sustainable organization.

The report provides an in-depth overview of the company’s sustainability initiative and framework of management practices, which was built upon the foundation of integrity and ethical behavior, and focuses on four key pillars: Protecting People and the Environment; Creating Value for Customers and Society; Engaging Our People; and Driving Business Excellence. The company also reports on its past performance results in each of the areas of focus, as well as the company’s current management systems and future objectives towards sustainability.

“At Ingevity, we view sustainability as a way of defining and executing our business strategy to ensure our existence well into the future,” said Ingevity president and CEO, Michael Wilson. “By focusing on our performance as it relates to economic, environmental and social standards, we are taking a holistic approach to managing and driving the company forward.”

He added that Ingevity has committed to reporting on its sustainability journey on a biennial basis, with progress updates in the off years. “We hope this report provides its readers with more information about Ingevity, but more importantly begins a dialogue that will ultimately enhance our performance and value into the future.”

To view Ingevity’s 2017 sustainability report in its entirety, or learn more about the company’s sustainability initiative, please visit:

Ingevity’s 2017 sustainability report was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards, core option. The company self-certifies that the information and data in the report is as accurate and inclusive as possible, as reflected by the management systems that were in place prior to January 1, 2018.