Stiles Point Teacher to Join Earthwatch Institute’s Research Team

Staff Report From Charleston CEO

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

Stiles Point Elementary School is proud to announce fifth-grade teacher Erin Cymrot will join an Earthwatch Institute research team this summer for a 10-day expedition in Manitoba, Canada to help scientists understand climate change. Cymrot, who found out she was chosen to be a part of this group earlier this year, received this opportunity through Earthwatch’s Teach Earth USA Fellowship Program.

From June 25 to July 10, 2019, Cymrot will join a team of other Earthwatch volunteers from the United States for the “Climate Change at the Arctic’s Edge” project. Effects of global warming are visible at the edge of the Arctic, where peatlands (a type of wetland consisting of peat) run in a broad strip around the globe. Scientists say these wetlands contain as much as 20% of the world’s carbon, usually locked in permafrost. But as the permafrost thaws, it may release carbon dioxide and methane, which could increase the rate of global warming.

“I’m very excited to get some field experience working with scientists,” explained Cymrot. “My hope is that it will help me bring science to life in my classroom.”

Cymrot has been at Stiles Point for four years. In addition to teaching fifth-grade science and social studies, Cymrot is also a member of the Stiles Point Public Relations Team, which has helped to improve the school’s communication through various digital platforms. As the former computer lab teacher, Cymrot has also become a valuable resource to the staff by providing technical support through professional development sessions, sharing digital resources, and problem-solving.

The Earthwatch fellows will help collect real climate science data and collaborate with other teachers to integrate what they learn into their classrooms and communities.

“We look forward to seeing how Mrs. Cymrot incorporates this experience into her instruction next school year,” said Principal Michael Ard.