Another Big Year for CCSD Scholars at TTC Quest

Staff Report From Charleston CEO

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Charleston County School District (CCSD) scholars shined at the 34th Annual Quest Academic Competition at Trident Technical College (TTC) on Saturday, March 7, 2020. Two of the major accomplishments were team titles by Wando High School (Level IV) and Moultrie Middle School (Level II).  

Wando High School is beyond excited to announce the first time ever win at the TTC Quest Tournament,” said Kristy Williams, an assistant principal at Wando who works with students for this tournament. “This was a first for Wando as they took the entire Level IV competition. This win shows more than our academic talents but our passion to continue to strive for the best. Our students are extremely proud and honored to represent Wando.” 

Students compete in four levels in this Tri-County tradition: Level IV (11th and 12th graders), Level III (9th and 10th graders), Level II (7th and 8th graders), and Level I (6th graders). Approximately 1,470 students from 44 public schools throughout Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties were part of this year’s event.

The Quest competition is one of my favorite days of the year,” added Moultrie’s sixth grade math teacher and grade level chair, Lauren Lanferseik. "It is really wonderful to observe students, parents, teachers, administrators, and academic coaches from all schools realize the benefit of hard work in an energizing and competitive environment."

In Level III, Academic Magnet High School was the runner-up and Wando came in third. CCSD middle schools swept the Level II team podium, as Charleston County School of the Arts and Camp Road Middle School tied for second place. Camp Road Middle School finished in third place in Level I.

Students competed and earned points in team competitions in math, science, and social studies, and in individual competitions including composition, public speaking, and visual arts. Special competitions were held in automotive, computer aided design, computer programming, culinary, engineering design and construction, horticulture, medical terminology, Spanish, video/film, and welding. Schools whose students earned the most total points won overall awards at each level.

The following is the list of CCSD winners (students and schools) and those who placed in the Top-3 in the various competitions:

Level IV


Wando – First Place

Composition (Individual Competition)

Makenzie Anderson, Wando – Third Place

Mathematics (Team Competition)

Academic Magnet (Ethan Ouellette, Shreyan Roy, Sophia Zhang) – First Place

Wando (Kim Giyoung, Jack Mays, Adam Swanson) – Second Place

Academic Magnet (Landon Ethredge, Preston Sessoms, Shreyas Mytri) - Third Place                             

Social Studies (Team Competition)

James Island Charter (Andrew Farrell, Williams Wells, Max White) – First Place

Visual Arts (Individual Competition)

Louanne Murphy, Wando – First Place

Emma Heeson, Charleston County School of the Arts – Second Place

Ella WaldronNoren, Charleston County School of the Arts – Third Place

Level III


Academic Magnet – Second Place

Wando – Third Place

Composition (Individual Competition)

Evie Whitesell, Wando – Second Place

Mathematics (Team Competition)

Academic Magnet (Maria Cymbalyuk, Angela Mei, Asher Wallen) – First Place

Wando (Bailey Chave, Austin Foye, Anirudh Valiveti) – Second Place

Wando (Sam Henshaw, Sarah Rickborn, Ryan Teachman) – Third Place

Science (Team Competition)

Academic Magnet (Jeremiah Benton, Domwik Dimicco, Kevin Fan) – Second Place

Visual Arts (Individual Competition)

Abby Taylor, Wando – First Place

Level II


Moultrie Middle – First Place

Charleston County School of the Arts – Second Place (tie)

Camp Road Middle – Second Place (tie)

Composition (Individual Competition)

Ailynn Hlavac, Camp Road Middle – Second Place

Nicholas Edwards, Laing Middle – Third Place

Mathematics (Team Competition)

Charleston County School of the Arts (Bailey Boucher, Vaughn Hickerson, Connor Li) – First Place 

Public Speaking (Individual Competition)

Brooke Reich, Moultrie Middle – First Place

Jessica Johnson, Charleston County School of the Arts – Second Place

Science (Team Competition)

Camp Road Middle (Kabir Zaman, Parker Johnson, Caleb McCrary) – First Place

Buist Academy (Abigail Youmans, Hank Mengedoht, Nicholas Grayson) – Third Place

Social Studies (Team Competition)

Moultrie Middle (Joey Garner, Jason Gould, Will LeClereq) – First Place

Thomas C. Cario Middle (Jacob Cutter, Lucas Oppelt, Grayson Garner) – Second Place

Visual Arts (Individual Competition)

Peyton Moody, Thomas C. Cario Middle – First Place

Rose Knotts, Laing Middle – Second Place

Level I 


Camp Road Middle – Third Place

Composition (Individual Competition)

Indie Willis, Moultrie Middle School – Third Place

Mathematics (Team Competition)

Camp Road Middle (Lincoln Boucher, Jack Boyle, Durham Fischbach) – First Place

Public Speaking (Individual Competition)

Ava Kaplan, Laing Middle – Second Place

Bryce Beasley, Camp Road Middle – Third Place

Science (Team Competition)

Buist Academy (J.T. Anderson, Ezekial Jennings, Gabriel Smith) – Second Place

Thomas C. Cario Middle (Noah Miller, Aiden Robinson, Makoto Thompson) – Third Place

Social Studies (Team Competition)

Thomas C. Cario Middle (Campbell Stoklosa, Hunter Landon, Adrian Rivera) – Third Place

Visual Arts (Individual Competition)

Mary Ella Grier, Thomas C. Cario Middle – First Place

Whitney Werking, Charleston County School of the Arts – Second Place

Technical Competitions (Grades 9 -12)

Automotive (Individual Competition)

Tyler Bohart, Wando – Second Place 

Computer Aided Design (Individual Competition)

Rhyen Patricola, Wando – Second Place

Computer Programming (Team Competition)

Wando (Emma Bingham, David Robinson, Hailey Sparks) – First Place

Wando (Richard Battles, Reid Chave, Hayden Johnson) – Second Place

Horticulture (Individual Competition)

Lawton Racine, Wando – Third Place

Medical Terminology (Individual Competition)

Madison Grant, James Island Charter – First Place

Spanish Beginning (Individual Competition)

Caroline Tiller, Academic Magnet – First Place

Visha Veeraswamy, Academic Magnet – Second Place