Prisma Health Launches State’s First Interactive, Free Symptom- Checker for COVID-19

Staff Report From South Carolina CEO

Thursday, April 30th, 2020

Prisma Health is the first healthcare system in S.C. to launch an interactive symptom-checker for COVID-19 on its website. The service is free to everyone, regardless of whether they are patients at Prisma Health.

The click-to-chat platform, which launched Friday, April, 24, has already drawn positive comments from users for its clear content and easy 24-7 access from any computer or mobile device. The tool is available at or by texting “COVID19” to 83973.

In its first five days, the tool generated nearly 3,000 clicks and was used interactively by more than 600 patients with nearly 350 meeting criteria for COVID-19 testing.

“The quick, easy feedback helps not only those individuals seeking medical advice but helps contain the spread of the virus,” said Dr. Nick Patel, chief digital executive for Prisma Health and who has a 15-year background in internal medicine. “Our goal is always to look for ways to better serve our communities. We’re thrilled to offer this resource to our communities in hopes it will provide timely answers to people from the safety and comfort of their own homes.”

The interactive resource helps the community:

·        be informed about the coronavirus,

·        understand their exposure risk,

·        practice prevention,

·        check symptoms, and

·        find out where to go in their community if they need a COVID-19 test or treatment.

The click-to-chat platform can text people critical updates from the federal Centers for Disease Control Prevention and the World Health Organizations, as well as key developments about coronavirus.

Users can sign up for text alerts to stay up to date with accurate news about coronavirus, including personalized information relevant to their location, and receive recommendations on whether to follow up with their doctor or other healthcare services.

Prisma Health partnered with industry leader Conversa on the project. Conversa’s Coronavirus Health Chat is a click-to-chat platform that works with any device that has a browser, so there is no need to download an app. The chat is fully secure and HIPAA compliant.

The site also includes information about Prisma Health’s free Virtual Visit option for patients with suspected COVID-19 and lists its community outreach hotline, 1-833-2PRISMA.