Emergency Dentist, Dr. Kevin Hogan, Now Welcomes Patients for Emergency Dental Care at His Mt. Pleasant Practice

Staff Report

Friday, June 26th, 2020

The experienced team at Smiles by Hogan now welcomes patients with a toothache, broken tooth, or other issues to receive emergency dentistry services at the Mt. Pleasant, SC practice amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Compassionate emergency dentist, Dr. Kevin Hogan, and his staff maintain the highest level of safety and sanitary precautions as set by local and federal guidelines. Patients in need of an emergency dentist can visit the practice and find relief from their tooth pain in a safe and clean office environment.

Dental emergencies can include trauma or injury to the mouth, tooth pain, gum infection, knocked-out tooth, cracked or broken tooth, or dental implant pain. These problems should be resolved by an emergency dentist quickly to avoid more serious complications.

Patients experiencing tooth pain or other concerns should not wait to seek out an emergency dentist. Oral health problems such as tooth decay or gum disease do not resolve on their own and will continue to worsen without treatment. Emergency dentistry services can halt oral decay and infection before the bacteria spread to other parts of the mouth and throughout the bloodstream. With studies proving the direct link between oral and physical health, taking care of dental problems immediately reduces the risk of compromising the body’s immune system and aggravating systemic conditions like diabetes.

Emergency dentists like Dr. Hogan provide comfortable treatment for patients with dental concerns and offer personalized sedation services to ensure a relaxing and pain-free appointment. Experienced in offering tooth extractions and treating complications with dental implants, Dr. Hogan helps patients regain a comfortable and healthy life with trusted care.

“It’s a good thing I came to Dr. Hogan. He is, in my opinion, the best in the business,” says Michael, a patient of Dr. Hogan. “In his 30 years of experience, I could have been one of the most difficult cases he had ever seen. He made quick work of it and I was done in 30 minutes.”

Always adhering to OSHA safety guidelines, the team at Smiles by Hogan is also following updates from the CDC, ADA as well as local and federal authorities to ensure their practice is sanitary and their patients are safe. Those with a toothache or other dental concerns should contact Smiles by Hogan immediately to see the emergency dentist. Dr. Hogan and his team can be reached at http://www.smilesbyhogan.com or by calling 843-216-0908.